Shawn Richwine – I started tattooing in the spring of 1997, at a small “street” shop called “Pro
Ink”, in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. I spent very long hours working on clients and in the evening on friends, until the early hours of the morning.
When I felt I had enough ability to explore my career fully, I headed south to New Orleans for a few years and bounced back to Pa., before heading west to Arizona. Spent a few years there before ending my mainland stay on the east coast.
In 2015 I moved to Hawaii and started working at Skin Deep Tattoo and I don’t
plan on moving anytime in the near or distant future.
I enjoy doing full color, total field saturation tattoos. Realism and stylized
illustration tattoos, not saying I dislike other styles, and tattoos with
dimensional perspectives. Most of my custom work is drawn directly on to the
skin, but I can easily replicate your own design on paper if the situation